Best Horse Racing Betting Apps For Android and iPhone

If you enjoy playing the races, it’s difficult to find a better way to combine excitement and adrenaline than horse betting. If you’re interested in taking part as a punter, here’s some advice on how to pick out the best horse betting site for your needs.

It’s difficult to recommend a specific online sportsbook site or horse racing betting app, because it depends on your own personal criteria. It’s clear that people bet in different ways and have very different requirements, which makes a “one size fits all” choice very difficult.

I had a friend that only bet on weekend races at Santa Anita Park in Southern California, and another cousin that wouldn’t wager more than $3 per race. So before you take the plunge with an online horse racing betting website, consider these factors first.

How do I pick a horse betting app?

1. Choice of Betting Options – do they offer the types of bets you want and are there enough odds available to make your strategy profitable?

2. Betting Limits – Some sites let you bet as little as $1 a race, while others may have higher minimums. It’s important that your betting budget matches what the website can handle, so be sure to check it before signing up and risking your money.

3. State Restrictions – Believe it or not, some states have online gambling bans in place. This means they can prosecute you or even threaten to freeze your assets if you try and play from there. Other sites operate offshore with little regulation, so double check their licensing before risking any money there.

4. Types of Bets – Do they offer exotic bets? Parlays? Prop bets? Placing the bet is just as important as knowing what they offer, so you can manage your bankroll well and maximize your returns.

5. Streams – Some sites use Flash to stream horse races, while others use streaming video in HTML5 or Silverlight. Also pay attention to the quality of these streams and how well they display on your monitor, tablet or mobile.

6. Cashout Time – Horse betting sites typically have a cut off time to cash out wins, so be sure that you’ll be able to see the money in your bankroll before you start playing. If not, then what’s the point?

7. Customer Service – Do they offer 24/7 customer support? Do they have a dedicated toll free phone number to speak with someone in person? If you call the support line, do they know what they are talking about? Those are all questions that should be on your radar before joining a new betting site.

Don’t just join any website and blindly send money without doing research first. There are plenty of good options available, but also many red flags out there that you should be looking for.

I hope this article helped arm you with some essential knowledge on horse betting sites before making your next deposit. Once again, I can’t recommend a specific site because it depends so much on your own personal preferences. But at least I gave you the proper questions to ask before plunking down any cash.

Good luck!

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