Collovet Unlocks The Reserves Of Hidden Performance In All Racing Animals

Every trainer of high performance animals, be they horses, camels or greyhounds, knows that when an animal “goes off its feed“ immediate help is essential. After all, the feed of racing horses, camels and greyhounds supplies the essential elements – carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle development and growth, micro and macro minerals for skeletal strength. Without a constant supply of high quality food outstanding performance when racing is impossible.

Under hard training an animal can become depressed, run down and uninterested in feed. This condition is frequently called “Training off”. When this syndrome occurs it is essential to stimulate appetite and get the animal back on feed. That’s where Collovet comes in. It is specially formulated as an appetite stimulant and to assist animals that are required to unleash sudden and massive bursts of energy.

Collovet contains:

  • Stomachics- which stimulate the gastric juices and assists in getting the animal back on its feed
  • Iron -a source of organic complexed iron to help build up haemoglobin levels in the bloodstream and increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles.
  • A C. N. S Stimulant – which increases the activity of the central nervous system and gives the racing animal a sense of well being and improves the muscular efficiency.
  • Potassium and Sodium -to help replace body metabolites which can become deficient under the stress of racing or heavy training.
  • Organic Phosphate – which assists in the transfer of energy to the muscles.
  • B Complex Vitamins- in natural form- to convert carbohydrate to energy and help tone up the nervous system, leaving the animal alert not flighty.
  • Vitamin B1 -to improve appetite and helps calm the horse.

Collovet is a water soluble liquid which can be dosed in the drinking water, milk, or feed. It can even be drenched. It is extremely palatable and does not cause nausea or stomach upsets. Properly used it unlocks the reserves of hidden performance in all racing animals.

Should It Be Used On Race Horses?

The use of drugs such as appetite stimulants on race horses is a contentious issue in the UK and worldwide. Although the practice is reasonably widespread, there are those who oppose it. Protests have been seen at major horse racing fixtures including the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, Aintree and Goodwood.

Some drugs such as steroids are banned in horse racing, and those found using them can expect to face charges from the racing authorities. But products such as Collovet are perfactly legal, and some traniners believe they may give an advantage in preparing for big events. It’s certainly a factor you may wish to consider when choosing which horse to back in the big races at the Cheltenham Festival this year.

But how do these products actually affect the horses themselves?

The manufacturers claim that using products such as this can actually help the animal, especially if it is being trained and used in high level horse racing or jumping.

However, some protest groups claim that its use can harm or even kill the horses.

As with most issues such as this, the truth is likely to be found somewhere in between, and independent research is being conducted into whether products such as this are good, bad or indifferent for a horses’ welfare.

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