Dressage Training for Riders and Horses

“I would like to point out and I will not stop to do so, that dressage training and dressage riding is the basis for all riders!” So says Markus Waterhues. “Show Jump Riders and of course also Event Riders (or Military Riders) have to work and train their horses also in the dressage way of riding, as well as ambitious hobby riders who just want to take out their horses for a nice trail ride. And it makes no difference if your horse is a warm blood horse, a pony or a baroque horse.”

Mark Waterhues offers individual training courses for dressage riders up to class S at the highest level “Grand Prix”. The instructional content is the performance and objectives of both horse and rider, which have to be constantly adjusted.

Using modern analysis techniques, the individual adjustment and verification of the learned, are visualized shown to enhance the learning phase, directly after the riding lessons. An individual training seminar can be taken from 2 up to 30 days.

The best results for personal seminar will be achieved with your own horse, of course. But we also can provide you with some excellent horses during your time to improve your personal dressage riding experiences. Depending to the time of your staying, you will be also able to attend other dressage seminars at the Hof Norwegen, which will be conducted by other professional dressage masters.

Markus Waterhues will also assist you at competitions or compete with your horse at selected dressage events and tournaments, if possible. You can compete with your own horse or you will be delivered with one of the customer horses by Markus Waterhues. However, what ever you will decide, to ride your own horse, let your horse be ridden by a professional horse rider or just join the team for a event in Germany – it will be a day of great pleasure and a new experience for you.

If you like to stay for a private and individual training workshop with Markus Waterhues at Hof Norwegen, please contact Markus for further details

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